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Valid Adobe Certificate Used t…

Valid Adobe Certificate Used to Sign Malicious Utilities Common in Targeted Attacks http://t.co/tomE51Gn via @threatpost

Rent-to-own laptops were spyin…

Rent-to-own laptops were spying on users http://t.co/8BXFmnfr #theh #security

Microsoft Windows Update email…

Microsoft Windows Update emails try to steal your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL passwords… http://t.co/m567yz7O

Derbycon ticket fundraiser htt…

Derbycon ticket fundraiser http://t.co/yFGIGXrC @ihackcharities @ihackstuff

Iran’s top brass deny nuking U…

Iran’s top brass deny nuking US bank websites http://t.co/OZZbJY3Y via @regvulture

Microsoft Releases Out-of-Cycl…

Microsoft Releases Out-of-Cycle Patch for IE http://t.co/XxYTZ3On

0-days are here again [update]…

0-days are here again [update] http://t.co/4046zDGb

“High” threat alert issued in …

“High” threat alert issued in midst of bank site incidents – SC Magazine http://t.co/cZhfaMoG

iOS 6 Features. Like it.

It’s been a while since I have actually written a blog post here. Twitter integration makes it really easy to be lazy and just give you a bunch of links to some interesting articles. With the release of iOS 6 I thought I would speak to some of the features that are included in the new OS. Actually my oldest son always complains of my subject matter so he pointed out a specific new feature that I needed to blog about.


The coolest thing with this is the new VIP inbox. Now you can have specific mail messages land in this mailbox so you don’t have to sift through all of you email accounts to see if that certain someone has emailed you yet.¬†You can now have dedicated signatures for all email accounts on a per account basis or apply to all. So you no longer have to worry about who you sent that clever signature to.


Facebook integration thoughout iOS. I have to tell you. I don’t need the integration. If I decide to Facebook, I’ll Facebook. The only thing this means to me is that my Wall will be littered with more useless stuff that people will post with their new found integration.


FaceTime over cellular. OK, this makes sense. Hope you still have an “unlimited data plan” though.


? Not sure what to say here yet. I can see the purpose and use but I’m not sure that I’m a fan yet.


New improved Siri. Does anyone really use this?


Reply with a message. Cool Stuff. It never fails when I’m on the other line, my wife calls the iPhone. Now I can send a text message stating “I’m hard at work. Can’t talk right now” instead of just declining the call.


Turn-by-Turn navigation. Welcome to the 21st Century! Android has been doing this since day one. This was the feature I missed the most going back to iPhone from Android.

Shared Photo Streams

So the feature that prompted the blog. Next to Turn-by-Turn navigation and replying with a message, this is the feature that I like the most. (oh, Facebook integration) My son is going to school all the way around the globe in the “Land Down Under”. Sharing photos has mostly been through iMessage and email. This feature makes it very easy to share a “Photo Stream” and place our photos in this album. Think of an easy “Dropbox-like” feature. This was a good move.

There are more features that the new iOS 6 has to offer that I will have to discover to see if they have the same great value as Siri. Seriously, does anyone really use this?

Latest iPhone hacked to blab a…

Latest iPhone hacked to blab all your secrets http://t.co/JXY7Z03m via @regvulture