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Advanced DLL Injection

Nice little how-to on DLL injection.

System Programming: Advanced DLL Injection

Oracle Web Hacking

Some nice tutorials by none other than Chris Gates (carnal0wnage) @carnal0wnage

Oracle Web Hacking Part I
Oracle Web Hacking Part II

Windows Debuggers: Part 1: A WinDbg Tutorial

Found this nice little WinDbg tutorial over at The Code Project.

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A Facebook Security Lockdown Guide

Let’s start off 2011 right.

The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide, created by Zack Whittaker, is a collection of fairly simple steps to ensure your Facebook account is not not doing you a great disservice.

The guide covers security issues Facebook users should understand to help protect their privacy and security online.

You can view the collection of gallery guides here.

This will also remain in my Tutorials and How To’s section for future reference.

How to Set Up a Secure Web Tunnel

Trying to focus on adding to the Tutorials and How-tos section. I ran across a great write-up on how to set up a secure web tunnel on the cheap. This is something that I often find myself doing while on travel. It the easiest and safest way to continue on with your digital life while in a hotel room, attending Defcon, etc.

How to Set Up a Secure Web Tunnel