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The Woz Holding An Android?

You have got to love this!

Google Nexus Woz

Commodore 64 is back!

Commodore 64

Man, Christmas is so far away!

It’s back… and better than ever! The new Commodore 64 is a modern functional PC as close to the original in design as humanly possible. It houses a modern mini-ITX PC motherboard featuring a Dual Core 525 Atom processor and the latest nVidia ION2 graphics chipset. It comes in the original taupe brown/beige color, with other colors to follow.

Check it out…

New iPhone 4 Logo

This was so good I just had to share it!

iPhone 4

My new phone

I finally decided to trade in my iPhone 3Gs for a new one. No, I didn’t stand in line forever to get the long awaited iPhone 4. Instead I gave into the peer pressure of my colleagues to go with an Android phone. So I didn’t have to go through the hassle of contract negotiation with AT&T, I bought the Google Nexus One.

Can’t wait until it arrives on my doorstep. I’m like a little kid waiting on Christmas.

Porn Sites More Infected Than Thought

This goes without saying!

“Porn sites are five times as likely to host malware as previously thought, with 3.6% offering up a digital infection of some sort, according to a researchers who set up their very own adult sites for a new study. One reason for the high rate of malware is that the online porn industry makes use of affiliate programs, where one site will drive traffic to another in exchange for links, cash or simply free pornographic material to use. Because such programs don’t check who they’re doing business with, and sites use disguised links and other clandestine methods to drive people to different pages, it’s easy for criminals to abuse the system to spread malware. Researcher Gilbert Wondracek said: ‘They inadvertently have created an ecosystem that can easily be abused on a large scale by cyber criminals, and that’s worrying.'”

The Apple control freak