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CrypTool 2

CrypTool 2 is the modern successor of CrypTool 1CrypTool is a free, open-source Windows program for cryptography and cryptanalysis. It is available in 5 languages and the most wide-spreaded e-learning software of its kind. It supports both contemporary teaching methods at schools and universities as well as awareness training for employees and civil servants.

Originally designed as an internal business application for information security training, CrypTool has since developed into an important open-source project in the field of cryptology and IT security awareness.

CrypTool 2 also provides a variety of cryptanalytical tools to analyze or even break classical and modern ciphers.

iOS 6 Features. Like it.

It’s been a while since I have actually written a blog post here. Twitter integration makes it really easy to be lazy and just give you a bunch of links to some interesting articles. With the release of iOS 6 I thought I would speak to some of the features that are included in the new OS. Actually my oldest son always complains of my subject matter so he pointed out a specific new feature that I needed to blog about.


The coolest thing with this is the new VIP inbox. Now you can have specific mail messages land in this mailbox so you don’t have to sift through all of you email accounts to see if that certain someone has emailed you yet. You can now have dedicated signatures for all email accounts on a per account basis or apply to all. So you no longer have to worry about who you sent that clever signature to.


Facebook integration thoughout iOS. I have to tell you. I don’t need the integration. If I decide to Facebook, I’ll Facebook. The only thing this means to me is that my Wall will be littered with more useless stuff that people will post with their new found integration.


FaceTime over cellular. OK, this makes sense. Hope you still have an “unlimited data plan” though.


? Not sure what to say here yet. I can see the purpose and use but I’m not sure that I’m a fan yet.


New improved Siri. Does anyone really use this?


Reply with a message. Cool Stuff. It never fails when I’m on the other line, my wife calls the iPhone. Now I can send a text message stating “I’m hard at work. Can’t talk right now” instead of just declining the call.


Turn-by-Turn navigation. Welcome to the 21st Century! Android has been doing this since day one. This was the feature I missed the most going back to iPhone from Android.

Shared Photo Streams

So the feature that prompted the blog. Next to Turn-by-Turn navigation and replying with a message, this is the feature that I like the most. (oh, Facebook integration) My son is going to school all the way around the globe in the “Land Down Under”. Sharing photos has mostly been through iMessage and email. This feature makes it very easy to share a “Photo Stream” and place our photos in this album. Think of an easy “Dropbox-like” feature. This was a good move.

There are more features that the new iOS 6 has to offer that I will have to discover to see if they have the same great value as Siri. Seriously, does anyone really use this?

Stratfor: The Numbers Are In

The hacktivist group Anonymous stole more than 50,000 credit card numbers from Stratfor and posted the information to Pastebin, along with a variety of other data. Based on the data that was posted, the following numbers have been determined by the analysis:

  • 50,277 unique credit card numbers, of which 9,651 are not expired.
  • 86,594 email addresses, of which 47,680 are unique.
  • 27,537 phone numbers, of which 25,680 are unique.
  • 44,188 encrypted passwords, of which roughly 50 percent could be easily cracked.
  • 73.7 percent of decrypted passwords were weak.
  • 10 percent of decrypted passwords were less than 5 characters long
  • 13,973 of the addresses belonged to United States victims; the remainder belonged to individuals from around the world

DeSopa for Firefox Bypasses SOPA DNS Blocking

How did I see this coming?

DeSopa is the latest Firefox add-on that can counter the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)’s DNS blocking if the bill passes. The extension gets you through sites censored by DNS and lets you browse them by IP address.

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How’s the Twitter integration?

So, I’ve been using this consistently for over a week now. It seems that I can easily tweet quick links to some articles that I find of interest or I can go through the blog and provide a little more content such as this. I also have the ability to be much more mobile than in the past with the integration and the apps on my Nexus One. In the past it wasn’t easy to provide links with the limited copy and paste and moving between the browser and the Word Press app. Twitter has actually made that part easy. I have to say that I’m enjoying this.

I’d like to know what you think. Please leave me some comments on the blog or “tweet me”.

Online Shopping Safety

Holiday shoppers!  This is a nice little safety tip put together by the folks over at Trend Micro.

Online Shopping Safety Made Easy

New ‘Anti-Social’ Social Network Lets CSOs Share

Emerging online community for security executives to help one another better defend against attacks — no vendors or consultants allowed.

This is just what security professionals need, another forum to get together. Really?! Let’s quit talking and start doing.

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APT Or Not APT? Discovering Who Is Attacking The Network

Corporate networks face a variety of attacks every day, yet pinpointing the most serious attacks are no easy matter

You know this is starting to get to a point where when I see the letters APT I think it stands for “Another Pundit Thought”.

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E-War Zone Report: New Development in Project Mayhem 2012

Fawkes Virus allegedly launched on Facebook and soon to hit other social platforms

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Better Twitter Integration

I actually heard complaints that I haven’t been blogging recently. I’ve tried the twitter route and I promise to get better. In an attempt to make both work, I have decided to integrate the two. With a twitter plugin, hopefully, I can get my posts out in multiple ways.

Let’s see if this works.